Dreams of...Kansas!?! Why Kansas? You tell me.

So I am not a master dream interpreter.  Really, I'm not.  I love when I can remember them, especially if they are all convoluted, but I don't actually find hidden mystery in there.  I usually find things from the previous days that hung around in my subconscious and mixed in with bizarre elements gleaned from my all-time memories and created something resembling what I assume a hallucinogenic trip would be like (never taken the magic bus myself.)

Take last night for example.

First dream, Miller Farms.  Not surprising since the kids want to go there and I need to plan it.  It's on my mind because I really don't feel like going.  It's a ton of work to process all that produce when we get home, not to mention finding a whole day to devote to the trip itself - harvesting food, playing on the jumpy thing, riding the mini-train, sledding down the dirt hill, etc, etc and doing the corn maze.

You see, the girls decided, out of the blue, they like corn mazes again.  After several years of hideous outbursts at the mere mention of corn mazes, NOW they want to do one.  Have I mentioned my graduate work was in corn? And I've walked through enough corn in my life thankyouverymuch.  So, do I go by ourselves? Rope Brian into going with us on a weekend (when it's crazy busy)? Try and organize a field trip with our friends? Yep, it's on my mind.

Second dream, playing hockey.  I often dream about hockey because I miss playing.  BC (before children,) I played all the time.  I was in two leagues, had games and practices 2-3 days a week, went to the gym on off days.  This time I was playing with some old team mates plus some current friends (yep, Lana, you were there.)  One person was out there in a wheelchair as a nod to my inclusive UU self (not to subconscious, they play in sleds, not wheelchairs when the need arises.) 

Third dream.  Third and fourth dreams morphed out of the 2nd so hang on! The hockey morphed into cleaning hockey equipment in the front yard, where there was also accumulated yard sale finds.  Why did I purchase several rugs, a plant stand and a ton of knick knacks? And why did I arrange them in the front yard? This is the drug trip portion, no explanation necessary.

In any case, some high school kids came by with there beat-up SUV and were collecting things from the neighbor for their huge HS rummage sale.  They thought *my* stuff was for the taking too (note to self, next time, say yes, even if it's a dream.)  I said no, but I had stuff inside.  I ran in and started stuffing things into bags (old clothes, toys, etc.)  This is when we proceed to...

Dream four, packing to move.  Yes, I decided to start getting rid of even more stuff because, well, we were packing to move anyway.  This is the whole crux of the post, my dreams of moving.  Over the past year, I have dreamed at least 4 times that we are moving because Brian got a new job.  And all these moves are rush - like 2 weeks to pack up, sell house (ha!), and be in the new place.  Is he looking for a new job? No. His job is quite secure and the company doing well despite the economy.

And guess where we move to in all these dreams? Kansas. Yes, Kansas.  Seriously? I would never want to move to Kansas! It holds nothing for us, it's windy, it's flat.  Why on earth do I dream we move to Kansas? (No, we have NOT watched the Wizard of Oz lately.)  Well this time my subconscious remembered that I didn't like the Kansas move.  I actually was telling someone in the dream about previous Kansas-move dreams as I told them we were moving to, wait for it, Kentucky.  Sigh.  I guess I can only move to K states in dreamland.

So, dream interpreters, why on earth do I dream of moving? And why Kansas? For the record, no new starts in my life currently, nor am I looking for any.  If you have ideas, please post in the comments :)


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