I forgot.

Sandis is becoming a teenager faster than I can shake my fist and cry, "damn kids these days!"  Still, she is not quite there yet as evidenced by her little girl-esque tendencies.

For instance, losing everything.  She loses things practically every day.  Some things are obviously right. in. front. of. her. face. if she would only look.  Like the shoes which hide beneath the chair on which she is perched.  Or the drink that has hidden itself behind her book.

Other things simply vanish.  Take her masking tape.  One of her quasi-school classes required a roll of masking tape.  She and I purchased this, along with other school supplies.  In the car, she put all of her things in to one bag.  Upon arriving home, she put this bag in the designated school supply area to await the first day of school.  That day arrived and left, the tape, nowhere to be found.  Another week passed and the tape did not turn up.  It had vaporized, apparently.

She also forgets things.  Today she almost left for quasi-school sans backpack because, well, she forgot.  On the first day of school she also forgot fabric scraps, thread, the aforementioned tape and other things.  Do you know what her response to me was when I asked how she could forget things that were in a specific school supply place?  Things that I had asked her if she put in her backpack? She said, completely seriously, without a hint of humor, "You probably need to check my backpack every time to make sure the stuff is in there that I say is in there."  I laughed, which was not the response she was expecting.  Hello child, you are 10 years old, pack your own school crap.  It's sink or swim time, kiddo, you're old enough to take the heat at school when you forget shit.

Today after quasi-school, I asked if she had finally remembered to take everything.  Her shocking answer, "I need post-it notes for Shakespeare."  I had not heard of this requirement.  Yep, she forgot to tell me.

Let's not even go into the things she "doesn't have any" of because she can't find them.  Despite the fact that the eye doctor claims she has perfect vision, she can't find an awful lot of things.  Often, she doesn't have any shorts, shirts, pants, underwear....yes, it's true.  I refuse to give my children clothes.  Or maybe, just possibly, it's that I refuse to go into her room and retrieve dirty clothes hidden under things or strewn about? I'll let you decide.

I'm not hopeful that this will end when she hits her actual teen years.

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