Poor parenting

Cutest damn jolly roger ever.

I am such a bad parent that I totally forgot that yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate day.  And it was the ONE day a week they go to school so they would have had other kids to pirate about with too.  My children could have been "Argggg" and "Matey-ing" all day long.  But no, instead, they were victims of poor parenting.

And, if that were not bad enough, when I asked them if they would have talked to their teachers in pirate talk, they said, "NO!"  Really? Not even a, "I'd rather swab 'e decks 'en take 'em notes!"
or even an, "Arg, I 'm present t'day."  They wouldn't even think of speaking like a pirate to their teachers.  Sigh.  Such a bad parent.  I don't even know where to go from here...

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