Really? Yes, really.

Stella claims to have not slept at all last night.  She says she took her nighttime medicine as well as 2 melatonins.  When Sandis came to our bed at 3am, Stella was on her computer.  Definitely was up by 7:15am when Brian got up.  Not sure if there was any sleep before or in between those points.

This morning she is a crazy manic child playing on her computer.  At the moment, she is a happy manic, not a cranky, mean manic, so I'll take it. Still, with that kind of behavior, you'd think it was she, not her sister, who suggested a walk around the block with the chickens.  You read that right, they are taking a walk around the block, each girl carrying a chicken.  Don't believe me? (It is pretty unbelievable, I know.) Photographic evidence:

Sandis, describing to me how much "Prey" will enjoy her walk.  Don't ask for an explanation as to why this chicken is named Prey.  Or why that is not her only name.  It's long and complicated and I usually stop listening after a while so I'm not sure what the conclusion is.

They're off!

Stella: "Mommy, no pictures.  Sandis, yes, we need to go around the long block.  I don't want to go the short way and neither do the chickens.  Look at how much Nemo likes it, cutelittlechickensmushywushy.  Ok, we can go the short block but we might have to do it twice.  MOMMY, no pictures!!" How could I not take pictures of this?

I can only imagine that this walk will need to be repeated 3 more times so that all the chickens get a chance, that would only be fair (and Stella is very, VERY into what's fair.) 

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