Wait...what...how? Oh forget it, I don't want to know.

It's Monday morning and we get up and start doing schoolwork.  Being homeschoolers this means we aren't dressed yet, isn't that nice? I think so.  Stella is excited to start her math, which is on the computer, Teaching Textbooks.  She's loving this new math because 1) it's new, 2) it's on the computer, and 3) it's all basically review at this point so it's easy.  Ask me again in 6 months how much she likes it.  That will be telling.

In any case, she jumped on her computer and asked where her math disk was.  Things went to hell from there.

  • Um, where did you put it? I don't know.  [frantic looking around on her desk while I berate her for leaving disks strewn about on said desk]
  • Did you even take it out of the computer? Well, no.  
  • Then why are you looking for it? Did you check the cd drive? Both of them? No.  
  • Which cd drive do you use? I don't know, both of them.  
  • Which one do you use when you play games? Both of them, I don't know.  

Are you confused? I was confused.

Turns out the disk IS in the cd drive.  Problem is that the cd drive isn't recognizing the disk.  Not good.  Gets even better, cd drive isn't recognizing the disk because computer isn't recognizing the cd drive.  Well, that does explain why things aren't working, doesn't it.  Glad the disk isn't wrecked as it's not actually ours.  We get the math curriculum through the quasi-school for free.  If we lose/ruin it, we have to buy it.  At $150 for this particular curriculum.  

I sit down at her computer to try and fix things.  Keyboard is a nightmare.  Stuck keys, keys that don't work.  I go through various things to try and fix the errant cd drive but no dice, computer refuses to believe that the drive exists besides the fact that I. can. see. it. right. there.  Dammit.

Email Brian to see if he has any ideas and get totally frustrated with keyboard.  Decide to clean it a bit.  Shake it upside down and a pile of nastiness comes out.  Stella says, "that's a lot of sand."  Um, how does she know that it is s-a-n-d and not some other dirt? Oh, because she has a balloon full of sand right here! Cool, right?!

I did not beat, or even scream at, her.  I get gold stars.

After cleaning out the keyboard, during which time she accused ME of breaking it, (honey, I only popped off some keys to get the CEREAL out of there, I didn't dump sand in it!) I got out this lovely pile of crap:

For those of you who were reading along and thinking, "spoiled kids these days have their own computers, grumble, back in my day, grumble, walk up hill both ways, bitch, etc," this picture explains why they have their own computers.  I don't want THIS happening to MY computer.  Their computers are the $10 castoffs from Brian's company.  When they upgrade the computers at work, they sell off the old ones to get rid of them.  This is how my children get their own computers.  It is a $20 investment for both children to have their own computers and not to ever have to touch mine.  Totally. worth. it.

Well, that lovely break is over.  I'm done swearing at Stella's computer (which is waiting for her dad to fix it) and the girls are done weighing the chickens (don't ask) and are working on their schoolwork again.  Just another day of chaos in our lovely little homeschooling home.

BTW, still in our pajamas.  Jealous?  ;)

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