I won't sport wood for Trader Joe's


I know that Trader Joe's is an icon.  People go crazy for it.  They say that it is all that and a bag of organic, free-range chips.  Brian is on some email list or FB group or something where someone claimed guys would literally(1) sport wood for Trader Joe's.

Santa Fe has a Trader Joe's, I HAD to experience it.

All I can say is, "meh."

Sure it had some good prices, some cool stuff, but really it was just a cross between our local Sprouts and Whole Foods.  If we had one in town, I'd go.  I won't be driving to Boulder for it when it goes up down there though.  No woodie for TJs here, sorry.

(1) Yes, I know the difference between literally and figuratively.  It was in the frame of a discussion of those two terms on Brian's list that the TJ's comment surfaced.


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  • Deanna | March 27, 2013 at 5:29 PM

    So, here's the deal about Trader Joe's in places other than AZ.

    It's the Charles Shaw. The $2 chuck. Colorado messes it up with their weird liquor laws, but for us winos, the shaw means the world.

    They apparently also sell chocolate covered coffee beans and some other good stuff. But really, it's about the booze.

    And, I sport the wood. FYI

  • Shawn Walter | March 27, 2013 at 6:51 PM

    I heard about the 2 buck Chuck, which Brian said he heard is $3 now, but I didn't see it there. And since I am now old, when I drink most wine I get hot flashes so I tend to not drink it any more, therefore, wine at any price isn't going to be a draw for me. (ok that sentence is long and run-on-y but I need to check dinner before it burns so I can't fix it)

    The did have the choc covered espresso beans and so on. We got some choc covered edamame that were yummy. Just not enough cool stuff for sportin' wood.

  • Anonymous | March 27, 2013 at 8:11 PM

    Sent the choc covered edamame in a care package to my SIL and fam while my niece was in hospital. They loved them. I also am a fan of TJs, but not a HUGE fan like some people here. And the wine is now $3 here in NC, too. Ryan has come across a few good beers, though, especially the limited edition one they have in the fall. It's dark, like Guiness. I don't like beer, so I haven't paid much attention. It is nice that you can buy most of them buy the bottle or by the 6-pk, especially if you just want to try one before you commit.

  • Fury | March 28, 2013 at 6:51 AM

    I just don't think I trust $3 wine. Not that it's all bad. I've sampled the two buck (three buck?) chuck before. It's as "meh" as you describe the store.

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