It's all in the *phrasing*


Sometimes we ask the children to check the chicks.  Or the chickens.  Or the rabbits.  In my mind, this means check said animals to see if they are doing ok, then check their food, water, bedding, etc to be sure all is well.

This is not how my children interpret things.

For instance, I had this conversation with one of my darlings:
Me: Did you check the rabbits?
Child: Yes
Me (looking at rabbits): But they need water.
Child: Oh, well...I just checked them

You see, "checking" means something different to the generations.  Therefore we had a discussion that involved them knowing that when I say "check on x" they will not just see if x exists, but actually check on its well being.  Be sure it has the essentials for life and happiness, namely food, water, shelter and love (the love being in abundance, the others needed periodic, well, checks!)

Note: For those worried about our animals welfare, please realize that while the children are "in charge" of their care, this care is overseen, daily, by competent adults.  I would never leave an animal to the mercies of an adolescent brain.  They forget.  They thing it's "good enough." They don't want to be bothered.  Whathaveyou.  We make sure all of the animals are checked, and actually checked, twice daily (or more often in the case of the baby chicks.)  No animals will be harmed by neglect or otherwise on my watch.  Hell, I gave away my house plants when I couldn't keep up with their care after Stella was born, you think I would overlook an animal? No way.


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