Katniss Practice Not Going Well....


Sandis is doing archery in 4H.  She's taken a couple of sessions (2? 3?) of archery lessons at Rocky Mountain Archery.  All of the lessons were on recurve bows. 

Tuesday night we went to the first official 4H archery practice.  Sandis doesn't have her own equipment so she was going to borrow some of the county's equipment.  The county equipment consists of compound bows. 

This was not good.

Sandis refused to use the compound bow.  She stood behind me like a obstinate mule and muttered under her breath over and over about how she didn't like the compound bow.  It was confusing.  She didn't like it.  She didn't know how to use it.  It was weird.  It was creepy.  All the time giving me the death stare.

So we left Katniss practice without ever having touched a bow, let alone shooting one.  Productive, yes?


Children are so much fun.


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