How I spent my last kid-free day, in pictures

Quasi-school ends for the year next week, today being the last full day.  I wanted to make sure I didn't waste those precious alone-time hours.  So here is how I spent my day.
First I took a nap, the dogs joined me in this endeavor:


Then I played a few games:

After which I was productive.

I cleaned and organized the top of the tv (notice the new spotted bin for remotes) :

I hung pictures - one print and two art frames.  The art frames hold the kids art while highlighting one piece. :

Then on the way to pick them up, I stopped at the thrift store and picked up this pretty dress for Stella for tonight's program:

And just so Sandis isn't left out, here she is with one of the baby bunnies (which had little to do with my day other than I did move 3 of the babies into their own cage today. )

After that, restful day was done because I had to pick up the children, zip home, feed them, get them clean and dressed so I could rush them off to the program.  And once we arrived at the program, I had to go back home and get the recorder that Stella forgot.  Still arrived with minutes to spare before the program started.  Whew!


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