Which god?

An anonymous painting of Loki from an Icelandic illuminated manuscript, http://norse-mythology.org

Today as I was working, taking pictures of houses for insurance companies, I reflected back on the times that we've actually used our homeowner's insurance.  Once was for a new roof.  It was damaged from hail, and therefore the insurance company deemed it an "act of god" and covered the damages by paying for a new roof.  The second time though, they did not pay.  That was when our electricity went out in half the house because the main line into the house had a nick in it which corroded.  This was not considered an "act of god."

I was thinking I needed to take issue with this definition, "act of god."  Which god is doing the acting? Obviously, Thor is covered, what with his lightening and hail. Why not Loki? I mean I could totally see Loki causing the trouble with our electrical line, yet he is not covered? What gives?

Probably they can't cover those trickster gods because they cause so much trouble, there would be no end to claims.  Ok, insurance companies, I'll give you that.  But really, in the future, it might be good to note which gods' acts you will be covering.  Got it? Thanks.


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