The 2nd two weeks

The second half of Stella's first month on meds hasn't been nearly as smooth as the first. She is doing much, much better than before she was medicated. Still, there have been some frustrating incidences where she's been screaming at us over things that are, really, inconsequential. Sometimes it's been after a long day. Once it was because Brian didn't make sure she took her meds (I was at work, he told her too but didn't make sure it happened. Live and learn.) Other times it's simply she doesn't want to do what she needs to do, like clean her room. It's never long lasting like before, and it's mostly yelling rather than hitting, and often she apologizes afterward, all of which is a huge improvement.

Still, I find I'm debating whether or not we should up the dosage. We go down to the psych center on Wednesday where we'll be reviewing how things are going. At the last meeting the PA did say that we could up the dosage if there was still anger going on. Stella is doing *so* much better, still, I think we may need a bit more help.

After we get the Prozac figured out, then we have to think about adding ADHD meds to the mix. It seems so crazy to be medicating an eight year old to begin with, let alone giving her two different meds. Still, if she can be a happier, healthier person with medication, why should I deny her that? I know *I* am a happier, healthier person with my meds. And I'm not doing this for my benefit, so she's "easier" for me. I'm not doing this so that she can sit in a classroom. It's so she can be who she really is instead of that person being crippled by anxiety, depression and hyperactivity.


  • KT | December 10, 2011 at 8:33 AM

    You have my full support no matter which route you choose. You are totally doing this out of love, and it shows. And I think she knows that, too.

  • Momma | December 15, 2011 at 8:23 AM

    Shawn--it's so hard. We went through 3 different ADD meds for Ezra before we found the right one at the right dose. Then we had to add a second. Inbetween, there was constant anxiety because the stimulants killed his appetite and he was losing weight or, at best, not gaining. More than a year later, he is eating and growing and learning beautifully. He is a great student, like reading and school and legos and is still the dreamy, non-linear, creative boy he has always been. Hang in there. It's worth it.

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