The Happiest of Holidays?

December is an evil, evil month. It is the month where everyone and every group feels they need to celebrate. And when they celebrate, they need to invite everyone. This leads to approximately 367X the number of events, parties, invitations, craft extravaganzas, shows, performances and general mayhem than normal.

I try to participate in some of the mayhem. The kids like it. I like it. Of course, due to necessity, and sanity, we have to pick and choose. We cannot do it all. You saw the parody of my pared down list in a previous post. Read it again, I dare you. Then feel with me the exasperation when someone, on Friday, suggests that we do a kid's gift exchange, on Wednesday.

I politely explained my harried schedule and said that we couldn't possibly do it. She acquiesced
momentarily. Then came back with how the children should decide if they want to do it, not accepting that the children would need adult help. Not accepting doing it at a later date to give people time. Not accepting, period.

I had explained my position politely. I solicited other's opinions, ones who had seen the emails and ones who had not. All thought I was being polite and reasonable. I tried to ignore it all even as I was sent more emails, from both her and her child full of insinuations and guilt-trips. Really? This is how we get what we want these days? I understand that you want to do something, something fun, but you can't delay that fun for a month? You can't understand that others have things to do in their lives? You have to force your event/fun/whathaveyou on other people? Is THAT what Christmas is about?!

NO! That is not what Christmas is about. In our house, it is about sharing with those we love, giving to those less fortunate and celebrating the return of the sun. We talk about all of the religions who have chosen to celebrate this time of year. This is what the holiday season is really about. Family, fun, love.

I have to go back to our first UU principle too, "The inherent worth and dignity of every person." I need to remember that this principle applies to ME too. I need to be able to say "no" and have it mean no. I have a right to be treated as a person worthy of respect too.

And now, with that settled (or not), I need to get ready for that Girl Scout meeting. But not until I fix the Christmas tree that my lovely children knocked over this morning. Yes, after all my pets, after two toddlers, the 8 & 10 year olds fighting over something they can't even remember anymore are the ones to first knock over our tree. That's ok, I needed more stress in my life right now, right?


  • Anonymous | December 15, 2011 at 8:09 AM

    i hope you got it worked out. you CAN say no. It is OK to say no. This time of year is about family and love. I agree. Hope it all worked out ok.

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