It's over

Is it really over? Hallowbirthdaymas season? Can I actually breathe a sigh of relief?

Not quite yet.  Still have my dad's birthday on Thursday.  And we didn't get a few things sent out in time for Christmas so there are some things still owed.  And the tree, decorations, presents, well, they all need to be put away.  But, the pressure is off now.  The finale has been sung, only the encores remain.

And no, I never did find my Christmas spirit this year.  I kept wanting it to come.  Hoping.  Nope, not this time.  Maybe next year.  I wasn't depressed or anything, just never got the thrill that comes with the season.  The fun of doing all the traditional things was just regular fun without that spark.  It's ok though.  The girls had enough for all of us.  Sandis has a long involved story of how she woke up at 5am because she heard the reindeer on the roof.  Then she heard Santa pulling out a chair to sit down upon to eat the snacks the left for him.  10yrs old and the magic still lives on....


  • Amy Wimberger | December 28, 2011 at 7:49 AM

    I had a couple of years like that. Where I was just going through the Xmas motions. It sucks for us, but I'm pretty sure the kids don't notice, which is the main thing. I don't know how I managed to have it this year - unemployed, living on a friend's couch, fatter than ever - but I did. Having some great friends helps. Having kids definitely helps. It's been so long, I can barely remember how it felt to be a kidless adult at Xmas. Different. Fewer presents. You really need kids to get the whole vibrating with excitement present opening thing!

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