Nuttin' for Christmas

Yeah, I'm pretty sure if you don't live under this roof or happen to be in the MUUMs stocking exchange, you'll be getting nothing for Christmas this year from me. I have negative time to do things. Really. Life has become crazier and crazier this month to the point where it's now 30min away from Dec 10th and I haven't even considered gifts. Don't even speak to me of cards.

I am currently working 3 jobs. Yes, that's right, three. I have the Miramont which is my part-time housekeeping work, mostly evenings. I have this through the 22nd as I've given notice. I have the packaging work which is ~3 hrs, 3 times a week or so. This work is basically between 10am and 3pm. I should only have another week to go on this one as the crazy Christmas rush should die down after that. Finally, I have my newest job, taking pictures of houses for insurance companies. This work is anytime during daylight hours, except Sundays. This one is permanent. I can make about twice as much money as at the Miramont AND set my own hours AND the kids can come along. Yes, choosing between the two was a no brainer.

In addition to the jobs, this weekend we have a play we saw tonight, 2 choir performances (Saturday and Sunday), Brian's race (Saturday), Ornament Afternoon (attending and working, Sunday), get 7 things for the aforementioned stocking exchange (Saturday? Sunday?) and picking up Healthy Kids Run swag (Saturday.) We're hoping to set up our tree Saturday night. BTW, the tree's name is Aaron Arbor aka Bob.

Monday is Options for the kids, some packaging work for me then over to Options to see Stella's Reader's Theater (for which she needs to wear all black, so I'll have to find all black) and help with Spanish class. That night is the Options program. Tuesday I have to run a Girl Scout meeting, which I've yet to think about, at my house, which is currently trashed. And I have to work at Miramont that night. And I should try and put in a couple hours at the shipping job too.

I refuse to think beyond Tuesday at this point.

So when on earth am I supposed to find time to purchase, wrap, pack and ship presents? Not to mention our boxes that we send out to family and friends. The boxes are a kind of history of our family over the past year. We get small things which symbolize what we've done and write up a letter about all the fun things. For instance, one entry could be a postcard from Arches National Park which would symbolize our trip there last March. These boxes are wonderful and meaningful and I love them, but again, I haven't even begun to think about them. Often times finding the trinkets to symbolize parts of our year a tricky to find. One year I wanted toy snakes for something or other and not a single toy snake could be found in northern Colorado.

And teacher's gifts, OY! Their last day before break for quasi-school is this Monday which means all gifts must be done by, well, Monday. When can I do that in the next two days? Did I mention we don't have piles of extra cash floating around so I have to be creative and make something, which takes time.

I love my life and all the things I'm doing, I just need an extra day or two shoved in there so I can accomplish all the extras that December brings. That's all I ask, an extra day. Please?


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