New Year's Resolutions

Ok, so I don't really do New Year's resolutions.  They are just a way of setting myself up for failure.  Really.  I am horrible about perfection.  If I don't finish something I start, perform something poorly, fail in any small (or large) way, it is truly awful for me.  I am way too hard on myself.  Honestly, I go over and over in my head that time I sent an email with poor grammar or may have misspoke at a meeting.  It's stupid but there it is.

But, I do have some things I'd like to try and accomplish.  I am simply listing them here as a way of remembering.  They are not goals, therefore if I don't finish them, or if I perform poorly at one or more, it's ok! Hey, it works for me and it's my blog so that's what I'm doing :P

  1. Do some digital scrapbooking again.  There was a time when I was a digi-scrapping fiend.  I did so many pages.  I was on creative teams, I designed.  I got Layout of the Day multiple times online.  Once I even got published in a magazine.  This time I just want to do a bit though.  I have written up a synopsis of last year for our family and I want to add pictures and make it a nice book for family.  I'm planning to post it here too.
  2. Make more freezer lunches/breakfasts.  Things like egg sandwiches, pizza rolls, etc.  Try some new recipes, save some money, have things that are easy to grab on the run.  There will be a couple happy kids as a bonus. 
  3. Decide if I want to continue as Girl Scout leader next year.  I like it and I don't.  Really, I'm just too busy for it, I think.  
  4. Do some of this .  I really should do ALL of it, as I could really use a clean/organize/declutter everywhere, but that's not realistic.  I do like organizing and purging though so I want to try to do one thing a week.  

Some things I know I'm doing this next year:

  1. Going to my brother's wedding, in Arkansas in June.
  2. Organizing the kids' activities.  I need to see what we're doing and try and fit it all in.  See where we need to let go and where we need to step up.  I think it will involve Stella & horse lessons.  Thankfully, we have a friend who is going to do the lessons for us because we've watched her horses.  Still, I need to shoe-horn that into our schedule.  Same probably with dog training lessons for Sandis & Tonks.
  3. Several running vacations.  By that I mean Brian has a race and we go along and have a mini-vacation, usually camping.  We'll be going to Moab in February.  Possibly again in March.  Probably Wyoming/South Dakota this summer again.

Things I'd like to do but probably aren't going happen:

  1. The usual - lose weight, exercise more.
  2. Vacation to the Grand Canyon.  And Toronto.
  3. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
  4. Actually have a clean organized house.
  5. Get all the birthday/holiday stuff done early.  Have enough spare time/cash to make gifts/cards for friends who usually only get a fond thought.


  • Anonymous | December 29, 2011 at 9:48 AM

    looks like a good list shawn. chanah is going to be a brownie next year, so i could either co-lead with you or do it solo. Since C will no longer be a daisy i would like to be with her in the troop she is in.

    I love scrapbooking too. that is on my list for this year to get re-committed to really doing it again!!!!! and not just here and there. i love it when i am doing it. i just fell off the wagon. ha.

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