I'm an idiot

The word for today is:


Noun:  A stupid person.

Synonyms: fool - imbecile - blockhead - dunce - nitwit - dolt

Today I managed to sleep in a bit, until after 9am.  The kids were up and had eaten breakfast, were happily playing with their rodents.  I had us all get ready and we headed out.  I packed boxes for about 2 hours then we were off to a therapy appointment.  So far, so good! In the restaurant drive through, after ordering, I realized, idiot that I am, I forgot to bring my purse with me.  I had my bag, in it my knitting, Nook, camera (with full battery and sd card,) pens, gps, sheets of houses to photograph, work books for the kids, etc but not my purse in which is my cell phone, iTouch, and most importantly, my debit card and money.


Luckily, I did have a pay check from the boxing/shipping job so I went to the bank, deposited some and cashed out some so I was able to feed the children and put gas in the car.  Woohoo, a win! We then proceeded to do some houses after which it was back to the boxing/shipping job to finish up.  We got done there and headed home, arriving around 5pm, a good 1/2 an hour before I had to leave for OWL.  Not bad!

Still, I was not done being an idiot.

Brian called soon after we arrived home and asked if he needed to pick Sandis up from Girl Scouts.  FUCK!!!! I totally forgot about Girl Scouts.  And this after the Secret Santa gift exchange fiasco.  Not to mention I HATE when people don't show up to things they've committed to


What an idiot I am! I am so angry with myself.  Ok, more disappointed with myself.  I can't believe I forgot.  I don't forget things like this! I called the GS leader right away and left a message about what an idiot I am and apologizing.  Thankfully, Sandis isn't upset at all about it.



  • KT | December 14, 2011 at 10:11 PM

    but you called, so you aren't THAT person. Give yourself a pat on the back for remembering all those other things. That's alot!!

  • Anonymous | December 15, 2011 at 8:06 AM

    sounds like a really busy day to me. We all have those "blonde" moments. At least you called to let her know you were coming. I wouldn't beat your self up. We all do it once in awhile.

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