Feeling a bit frantic

Today went like this:

10-11am       Therapy appt
11am-12pm  Quick trip to Girl Scout store and short park visit during which Stella gets her nose out of joint
                      over a who-gets-which-swing issue.
12-1pm         Whole Foods Tour w/Girl Scouts where Stella spends half the time being a pill
                     due to the aforementioned swing incident.
1pm-2pm      Run home to get f@#king camera card that wasn't in the camera even though I double
2-4pm           Out doing houses.  So much easier without kids.  Today they closed the trunk when I left it
                     open.  Opened it as I was getting in the car so I had to go back and close it.  Had to pee
                     when we're no where near a bathroom.  And when we stop at Target for a bathroom -
                     they're cleaning it. 
4-5pm           Enter houses.  Computer doesn't crash.  All diagrams save.  It's a miracle.
5-6pm           Take kids to group therapy, try and get car only to find out it is STILL not ready.  They've
                      now put in a new radiator because it had cracks.  They think it's fixed but wanted to keep it
                      over night.  Like in the hospital? For observation? Might have it back tomorrow morning.  I
                      am not meant to be in a one car household.  Especially since my job involves, well,
                      driving around.  Hoping it's not going to end up being a head gasket issue.  If it is, I may
                      cry.  A lot.  I can't see how it can be without anyone noticing up until now.  Still, the luck of
                      the Irish isn't good luck, you know.
6-6:30pm       Break at the coffee shop - in between things and no place to go.  Got to update my schedule
                      and read a few pages.
6:30-8:30pm  OWL meeting to talk about next year.  I'm teaching 8th grade again and doing some
                      communications help for the RE Director.  Nothing new, I had volunteered for this prior to

I'm at a place where my body is kind of humming from the stimulation of today.  I don't know how to describe it - kind of like electricity is in all my muscles like a constant state of electric shock. But not so that it hurts, just running through me.  Like the adrenaline after playing hockey.  You have to come down from that "high" before you can start to relax again.  It generally took me hours to come down again, not a plus when games start at 11pm and you have to work the next morning at 8am.  Have I mentioned my year of insomnia? Yeah, it was when I was playing a lot of hockey. 

Anyway, I get that adrenaline, or whatever it is, happening when I am too busy, too rushed, have too much to do.  I have it now.  I can't go to sleep, even if I wanted to.  I'll be up until at least 1am.

Fortunately, I don't have to get up early tomorrow.  Unfortunately, tomorrow is just as busy as today.  It will be car, science fair projects, entering houses, play date for kids, Girl Scouts, more science fair projects.  Did I mention Sandis is supposed to write a 1-2pg research paper by next Monday? Yeah, I just found out 1/2 an hour ago.  Really? She's never written 1-2pgs.  I have no time to do this with her this week?! I guess we'll fit that in somewhere as well.  Somewhere around science fair and work and life.

I don't know why I'm frantic?

What I WANT to do is plan out the kids' school and Girl Scouts for the rest of this year.  I want to shop for their science fair boards and get their photos printed.  I want to take them to Target for new swimming toys and take them to the pool.  I want to have my car back and have it work.  I want an afternoon nap every day for the rest of the week.  I want a million dollars and a pile of chocolate.


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