Wisdom from the youngest


Today did NOT go well.

I had to do houses today and my car is still not done.  Forgot to tell Brian I was doing houses so I was stuck with the pickup.  So there's no room for my stuff, for the girls to spread out, too keep them away from all the dials & knobs.  Not only that but the wheel for measuring houses was in Brian's trunk.  You guessed it, ALL the houses needed to be diagrammed, and several were due today so no putting it off.  Brian wasn't answering his work phone, cell phone or pages at work so I gave up and emailed him that we'd come and get the wheel - an hour round trip. Then I decided to skip that amusing little trip and just buy a 2nd cheap wheel and get started. 

Well, the fun didn't end there.  After only 2 houses, the girls decide they need to pee so we had to make a side trip.  Of course we stop at the insane Walgreens that makes you find an employee to put a code into the lock in the restroom door before you can enter said restroom.  Finally back on the road.  The next house is no where to be found.  A few houses later, again no where to be found.  Called the agent and was told the address I had was wrong.  Oh, and it's one of those fun split streets so I have to drive several miles back across town to find it.  Arrrgh!

What else? Oh yeah, camera battery dies because I forgot that Stella used it at the zoo (and left it on basically the whole day, not simply while she was snapping pics.)  Back home to get Brian's camera battery so I can go back out to finish the last 3 houses.  Couldn't leave them for tomorrow either because 2 of them are due today.  Yes, of the 4 houses on the list due today, two are in those last three that need doing.  Good grief.

Did I mention that Sandis is insane today? She is goofy and crazy and irritating her sister at every turn.  She thinks she's sooooo amusing too.  Bleah!

As we're heading to the last couple houses, I'm noticeably agitated.  Stella asks what's wrong and I list out our lovely day.  She says, "Well, at least there's nothing physically wrong - no one has gotten hurt today, we're all doing good."

Yep, she's right.  There's really nothing wrong.  Our day was complicated and made longer by misadventures, but we are all healthy and happy and together.  Perspective is a beautiful thing.


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