The prodigal car has returned


My car is back with us, in the land of the living.  It seems to be in working order.  I've driven it several places without overheating.  The check engine light which had been on for probably a year, is finally off. I'm still nervous, but am hoping for the best.

This time they replaced the radiator which was cracked.  The cracked radiator is probably the reason for the check engine light having been on, the loss of pressure in the engine.  It also could be why the water pump went out, because the radiator went dry, but without the suction of a closed system, it couldn't suck the overflow back into the radiator.  Also, Subarus don't like having bubbles of air in their coolant system - makes them overheat.  Hmm, that could have been the original problem?

Why didn't they notice this the first time? No idea.  They are acting like nervous doctors now.  They kept the car overnight for a morning test drive.  They've called to check up on it.  They've admonished me to call if anything goes wrong.

Now I must stop blogging and go back my life because Stella is exceedingly whiny.  She can't find her toy that she took out to the trampoline (which, apparently, I should find for her.) She can't do the dishes she was supposed to have done hours ago because, you guessed it, she lost the toy that she needs to have by her side while she does the dishes.  Never mind that she couldn't have lost said toy if she had, let's see, DONE THE DISHES LIKE SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO instead of jumping on the trampoline.  And, the root of the problem, she hasn't taken her meds. And she can't seem to understand that while 40mg of prosac makes her stomach hurt, 30mg of prosac plus 10mg of strattera is not the same as 40mg of prosac.  It all adds to 40 so she can't take any of it.  Foiled by math.  Usually math solves things rather than making them more difficult! How about this, "take the damn medicine so you aren't so insane, child!"  Might work, but logic is better for this child.  Intelligence is a double-edged sword sometimes.


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