It's a lot of work to cancel everything going on in your life for five days.  And if you have to do it, you're really not in any shape to deal with it either.

Last night I came down with something and it hit me like a freight train.  From completely fine to sweats, chills, headache, cough, etc, etc.  And the best part? The kids had it too.  Come morning, I decided we'd go to Urgent Care, that way they could get some drugs in us and then we'd be ok to leave tomorrow for our Girl Scout campout.  After all, after 24hrs, you're no longer contagious, right?


Stella tested positive for influenza.  I tested negative, but they felt I do have it too just the rapid test didn't catch it yet.  Sandis, well, the jury is out.  She's headachy and coughing a bit, but nothing like her sister and I.  The verdict - all of us on Tamiflu and we're contagious until we're done taking all the doses.  The doses end Monday evening.

Do you know how bad you feel when your daughter is nearly in tears because she's going to miss her long-awaited Girl Scout lodge campout? It sucks.

And did you know how many things I had to cancel? How many calls and emails? How bad I feel about canceling on all these people? Here's some of what my addled and aching brain remembers me doing:
  • took a friend up on her offer to do my work for me today
  • called to coordinate with 2 people regarding my portion of the campout this weekend that I'm missing
  • called to inform another scout that since we can't go, we can't take her (she's still going, yeah!)
  • called and rescheduled therapy appts
  • emailed soccer coaches about practice/games we'll be missing
  • emailed quasi-school to tell them we won't be there Monday
  • called husband to inform him of our plague and get him to cancel dog sitter

That's a damn lot of talking on the phone for someone who doesn't even have a voice anymore!

Then I had to run back to the pharmacy because they forgot to mix the girls' medicine.  It was just powder in a bottle.  For my trouble, they are waiving the co-pay on those. (Totally worth it for $60!)  Oh, and I have to go back to the pharmacy again because they didn't have enough of the kid Tamiflu so we only got enough for 3 days, not the full five.  The girls wanted capsules like me, but they don't make the correct dosage for kids in capsules so the girls are stuck with the nasty, chalky stuff.  Lucky them.

Now that everything is done, all the calls have been made, all the people informed, I get to sit home for four more days in quarantine. Did you know that Sandis could watch bad tv all day? And that I can't lie down to nap because I cough so much? And that Stella still doesn't slow down even when she's insanely sick? Yeah, it's gonna be fun!


  • Anonymous | March 30, 2012 at 1:47 AM

    oh shawn. i am very sorry you guys got sick :( and i am very sorry you are missing the campout! i know everyone was looking forward to it! i hope you find health soon and that everyone will be healthy at the next one.


  • April | March 30, 2012 at 1:34 PM

    I'm so sorry. Maybe it'll be better sooner rather than later. (fingers crossed)

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