The past few days, in pictures (partially)

On Thursday the girls took a class at Gulley Greenhouse where they planted grass in their baskets for Easter/Spring/Ostara.  They had a lot of fun and want to do more Gulley classes.
There's a bit of Stella and my new purse, photo complements of Gulley's

This lead to much talk of what the Easter Bunny could put in their basket seeing has how now it is full of dirt.  Wrapped candy? A separate bowl? Or as their dad suggested, worms?

The grass is well over 1" after only 4 days!

This lead to them digging for worms to add to their baskets.

Nice that she highlights that dirt with pretty blue toenails!

This lead to the creation of the game Wormopoly.


On a completely unrelated note, the UU Cake Auction was Sunday and I made two entries.  Proceeds go to fund the 9th grade trip to the Navajo/Hopi lands (which I would so like to go on myself!) and it's lots of fun to decorate cakes.  Even with the children's help ;)

Easter basket cake

Sliders made of pound cake buns and brownie burgers


In other news, my new computer is here! It's a netbook so small and less expensive, but also small! It will be portable and without the fun features of the current machine which overheats, shuts off randomly, has its cord fall out so the battery dies, BSODs, etc.  And did I mention it's small?!

The box it came in - best box ever!


And even more news, I just received the call that my car is done.  YYYYEEEESSSSSS! Not sure exactly what the damage will be to my bank account (though I have a reasonable idea) but I will be so glad to be back in the mommy car.


Now, off to do 8 million things this week.  We have soccer, therapy group, girl scouts, work, therapy in Denver, more soccer and a girl scout campout this weekend to prepare for.  Oh, and some school work.  Today I made them do dichotomous keys - we keyed out mammals.  It was fun.  Stella requested one for insects. :)


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