Figgy car

Note: In order to understand my use of the word "figgy," you will need to read this post from the Shit My Students Write blog. Really, you should read all of it, it's awesome, but for the figgy reference, this one post will do:

In “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” they don’t like pudding because they say it is “figgy,” which is what they said for the F word a long time ago.

Right, so I took my car in to get it fixed.  Got it back at the 11th hour on Wednesday night.  Seriously, they closed at 6pm and we pulled up at 5:58pm.  Paid them all of my money (yes, $1240.08 is pretty much all my money and it means that the heat bill isn't getting paid until next week.)  Drove it home where it sat until this afternoon when we went to a friend's house.

The heat in the car wouldn't work.  That is not good.  On the way home, the thing starts overheating.  THAT IS WHY I TOOK IT TO GET FIXED! Now I have to take it back tonight or early tomorrow (and by early, I mean Brian is meeting his running friends at 7am, so probably what, 6am?) They will try and look at it tomorrow but it may be Monday.  Doesn't really matter though, I can't drive the thing anywhere.  I've gotten 33 miles out of my $1200+ repair job.  Lovely.

I expect that all subsequent repairs related to the same issue will come with free labor charge.  Of course, they wouldn't come with free parts. And they may well shatter my illusions on the free labor as well.  Still, they won't be getting any money from me until at least Wednesday because, as I've said, they have it all!



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