I was cleaning this morning with the girls.  Yes, I have several more gray hairs.  Fortunately, I like my gray hairs because they actually add some depth to my blah head.  Do you know, I had to look up the definitions of "gray" and "grey" to write this because I can never remember which is which? I will now though because "gray" is alphabetically first and I can remember to use the first one.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, I was cleaning and was taking things to be donated out to the car so that they are no longer in my house.  As I was shutting the back of the car I saw this sad sight:

Yep, dead baby fox in our yard.  I called the Larimer Humane Society and they said just bag it up and throw it away, so I did.  Poor little guy :(

Deanna, I don't think he's your cat's nemesis, sorry.  Too far away and definitely a baby.


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