I love my children.  I love that I homeschool them.  I love that we can learn history through a variety of methods including historical fiction.  I even love that we can set up our day so that our reading of said books is right before bed.


It is encroaching on MY reading time making it take too long to finish my own books.  I've been falling asleep after reading as little as <gasp> 30 minutes of my own book before bed.

This may not seem like a big deal, but I'm used to getting an hour or two of complete down time where I read what I want before bed.  Mind you, I have to stay up until 11, 12 or 1 to do it, but I persevere.  It's my wind down and I sorely need it.

Not that I don't love reading 11,000 Years Lost.  But that is not MY book.

I need to herd the children to bed earlier so I can have my time back.  It's MINE and I want it <stomp><pout>


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