White Dynamite


Sandis' soccer team this season named themselves White Dynamite. Not nearly as cool as 2 seasons ago when they were Tsunami Cyclops but what can you do? This year somehow I became in charge of the end of the season party.  The season's end just happened to be the same week as the end of the year Girl Scout party and a birthday party, but hey, I'm SuperMom (not!), I can do it!

It was suggested to do a kids vs parents soccer game so we went with that.  Added to that was pizza, cake and these shirts I whipped up.  Plain white shirts ($3.50-4.00 each at Hobby Lobby) to which I sewed a strip of scrap fabric I had around.  I then added a fuse and some sparks with Sharpie, wallah, dynamite! (hey, the SHIRTS are the white part, the dynamite is whatever color I had on hand :P )

Once I finished the shirts, all the team members signed them making it a special memento for the season.  Sandis has a signed shirt from her Odyssey of the Mind team years ago and still wears the heck out of it.  One thing to note, use BLACK Sharpies.  The other colors fade much more quickly.

Sandis in her finished (and now stained, sigh, why couldn't they be Dirt Colored Dynamite) White Dynamite shirt:

And check out the cool cupcakes that A's mom made for the party! Those soccer balls on top? Yep, chocolate covered Oreo.


  • Anonymous | May 29, 2012 at 10:19 PM

    wow love the cupcakes! those are awesome! I am sure all the kids enjoyed those! and kudos to you for pulling off so many parties the same week :)

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