The Moth Whisperer


My younger daughter has been dubbed the Moth Whisperer by her sister.  She is forever catching moths that are in our house.  No matter what the obstacle, she will risk life and limb (and my curtains and dishes,) in her never ending quest to release those agricultural pests back into the wild.

She feels she is a kindred spirit with the moths because once caught, they calmly sit on her hand until she releases them outdoors.  Well, at least half the time anyway.  The other half they fly away and she has to recapture them, but since that is her life's purpose, for the moment anyhow, it is not a deterrent.

Once all the house moths are caught for the day, she must then proceed to the garage.  This room, having a doggie door is often full of lovely winged friends. It also presents a challenge as it has a high ceiling and many places where even a monkey girl can't reach.  Never fear! Stella requests a head lamp from her father, turns off all the lights and the moths come to her.  While some children might fear a bevy of dusty Millers, not the Moth Whisperer, they are her soul sisters (and brothers.)

She now also has captive moths as pets.  These creatures who most would squish, farmers would curse, live in the lap of moth luxury.  They have a house, grass, sticks, not to mention a fresh corn cob from Stella's dinner last night.  They get the honor of traveling with her around the house with a running commentary of their benefactor's day.

Here's Stella's video, complete with running commentary:

If you have someone living in your house who fears or despises the moths, Stella is available for hire.


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