Oh crap, I forgot!


Yes, this post could be about any number of things as my sieve-like brain only functions because of my extensive, and shared-so-others-can-keep-up-with-it-too, Google Calendar.  Still this is about something more important than a doctor's appointment or a soccer game, this is The Hobbit! I was posting about all the history and Da Vinci reading we are and will be doing, along with making pudding, because who doesn't like pudding, when I suddenly remembered, "CRAP! I need to read The Hobbit to the kids before the movie comes out!!!"  Because, of course, I will NOT let them see the movie before we read the book.  That is simply wrong.  And the book will take time to read through as it is fabulous and deserves full attention.

Ok, whew, I looked it up and the movie doesn't come out until December.  Plenty of time.  And apparently it is going to be two movies.  The things I don't know fill volumes.


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