Yep, I'm a slacker

I am a total slacker this month and it has barely started.  There are numerous lovely, organized and educational, and not, field trips coming up and I signed us up for, wait for it, ZERO of them.  Here's what we're missing:

  • Little Shop of Physics
  • CSU Water Festival
  • National Center for Atmospheric Research Tour
  • Rawhide Electrical Tour
  • Homeschool day at Elitch Gardens
  • Dinosaur Ridge Tour
  • Environmental Learn Center class
  • Mining Museum Tour 
  • probably eleventy billion other things

Why am I, the person who absolutely LOVES field trips, not signing up for these fun things? Well, I'm really tired of being scheduled for things every. single. damn. day.  Not to mention:

  • Little Shop of Physics - done it several times
  • CSU Water Festival - Sandis has done 3X, Stella 2X
  • National Center for Atmospheric Research Tour - did this in the fall, different class but same tour
  • Rawhide Electrical Tour - Stella's too young
  • Homeschool day at Elitch Gardens - expensive.  Plus Stella doesn't like big rides, Sandis is too big for little rides making for an annoying and expensive day for me
  • Dinosaur Ridge Tour - BTDT, same tour, different class
  • Environmental Learn Center class - have done several, though not this class
  • Mining Museum Tour - don't want to drive to C. Springs
I'm just simply too tired, too lazy, too over-scheduled to bother with any of them.  I don't want to go get up early, pack a lunch, get the kids out the door, go back in the door for the things we forgot, drag the kid who followed me in back out the door, realize said child doesn't have shoes and go find them, finally get out the door again, drive somewhere, wait for people to show up who are late, wait even longer for people who won't show up, be embarrassed by the people who don't show up, start fun event, deal with one or another whining child who may or may not be yours but probably is yours during event.  And all this with people we might or probably do not know because our group is over 150 families now.

But WAIT, you say, this is supposed to be about the kids.  Homeschooling is for them and it's all about their wants/needs/desires/hair-brained ideas/etc.  Yeah, ok, some, but not so much.  It is about them following their passions, but it's not about them getting to decide what we do all the time.  Plus, the kids, when asked about said field trips, were all, "meh."  They like them, but have done so many before that they aren't willing to get up early or drive an hour for them.  Well, ok, Sandis would have gone to Elitch's but she didn't want to go badly enough to go with another family (who she does know and like) without us.

On the other hand, they really enjoyed when we met a family and played in the river or when we went to the IMAX with a friend.  Those small groups where we know and interact with the other people with us have been much more meaningful than a big group field trip.

So, for now, I'm going to continue my lazy streak.

Have I  mentioned that in my next life I want to be a sloth? True story.


  • April | May 5, 2012 at 9:04 AM

    Yup. Totally get that. Hope you have some wonderful at home and local days!

  • Anonymous | May 6, 2012 at 5:16 PM

    i think that is ok ;) personally my kids love field trips and they have made many new friends at field trips so it works for us. plus they love the classes and hands on stuff. You gotta do what works for your personal family though. ;)

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