Aren't I a good boy?!

My computer constantly likes to update itself.  It seems that the authors of the operating system feel the need to improve upon their work at least weekly.  It will install the updates and then put a tiny hidden note in the corner, "I'm going to reboot in 10 minutes if you don't say no! I can't possibly wait until 3am when you are asleep anyway and not using me, silly woman. Oh, and if you do say no to rebooting now, I'm going to do this nearly invisible asking again and again and again until you let me reboot!"

It's like a child begging for ice cream.  If my child begged me every 10 minutes for ice cream I would NEVER give it to them to teach them a lesson about begging.  Of course, computers don't learn that lesson and as soon as you turn your back, it grabs the ice cream and eats it all up.  Or rather, reboots itself.  Personally, I'd take the ice cream.  And I have some ice cream in the freezer.  And some hot fudge too.  What was I saying?

Oh right, computer.  When said computer reboots itself, it closes down all your programs, incorrectly, so that they all come back with fearful messages of the apocalypse.  You have to talk all the programs down from the ledge one by one and assure them that life will continue and it's ok.  My programs are needy like that. 

And the computer? It is all proud of itself! "I just installed shit and rebooted for you! Aren't I a good boy! Look at how good I was!!"



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