This is the kind of house I live in....


This morning I was brushing my teeth and glanced at the counter and saw a grasshopper's back leg.  WTH? I called Stella and asked WHY there was a grasshopper leg on my counter top.  She scrutinized the arthropod appendage before declaring, "nope, that's just part of a leaf"  and then bounced away.  Of course, she left it sitting on the counter because leg or leaf, you wouldn't want to clean it up.  I'm not sure which it actually is, but in either case, it does not need to be kept on the bathroom counter.  Or kept at all, for that matter.

So that's the kind of house I live in.  One where you could find legs of insects strewn about.  You have been warned.

In other news, I've ruined my oldest child's life because I didn't allow her to free the chickens from their pen ten minutes before we had to leave.  Yes, it does take her 15 minutes to round them all back up.  And yes she could have gone into the pen with them.  But you know, I'm unreasonable and simply trying to ruin her day/week/month/life.  I'm doing a good job of it, n'est pas?


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