Sunday Accomplishments, or Not

So *I* didn't accomplish anything today.  I wanted to clean the house but it was too damn hot.  I retreated to the basement with my book, computer, fan and Diet Dr Pepper.  I finished my book, took a nap, read some internet stuff...basically, nothing.

But, Brian did both things I asked him to do - mow the lawn and take the recycling to the recycling center.  I think that counts as me accomplishing something because it was my idea.  He may disagree on that but that doesn't make me wrong! He can't even comment on my alleged wrongness here on the blog but *I* get to approve comments, or not.

My kids also accomplished something too, naming grasshoppers.  We now know:

  • Bob
  • Sam
  • Pop-eye (because one of his eyes is popped out)
  • Jumper (original! Surprised there's not a Jump, Jumpy, Hop and Hopper too. At one point they had named various stuffed toys Stripe, Stripes, Stripey and Rose, Rosie, Rosa, Rosalie and Rosamaid - and heaven help you if you called them the wrong names!)
  • Tiny dude
  • Cross-y leg dude (don't ask me)
  • Lemon
  • Fart (Fart was Stella's and it escaped, I'm told.  Get it, "Stella's Fart escaped?" It is Stella humor to a T. And being made fun of on my blog is what she gets for naming a grasshopper, Fart.)
  • Spitty (another escapee)

How did we end up with all these named insects? Well, the girls decided that some of the grasshoppers they caught to feed the chickens were too cute to suffer a quick and horrible death.  So, instead, they decided to make them pets, where they will have a slow and horrible death.

You see, Grasshoppers aren't the best of pets.  Besides the obvious, being they have no real redeeming qualities other than as food for something else, they tend to not eat or drink too much in captivity and slowly dehydrate away.  Since they are pests and people put out diatomacious earth to make them slowly dehydrate in the wild, not to mention spray nasty stuff on them to kill them more quickly, I don't deny the children their pesty-pets even knowing the hoppers will die.

Please know, they do care for their little friends as best they can.  And if they weren't pests, I wouldn't let them keep them at all, so please don't fear for the other creatures of our yard.

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