Just another manic...wait, what day is it? Right...Just another manic Sunday

So Stella decided to make her own breakfast.  No biggie, she does that pretty much every day.  Today, unbeknownst to me, her choice was pancakes.  But, not wanting to go through the trouble of actually cooking them, she decided to just eat the batter.  Outside by the chickens.  And share with them.  Why share with the chickens, you ask? Because they like it! Of course.

For the record, chickens like everything.  Ok, there is one brand or gluten-free products whoshallremainnameless that makes horrible, horrible things (except cookies, their cookies are awesome.)  I bought a mark-down of cinnamon rolls from this company.  The chickens won't touch it.  The dogs won't eat it.  Well, our dogs won't eat it.  I haven't tried it on Deanna's dogs, they have a less discerning palate than my dogs, and maybe less than my chickens as well, so they *might* eat it.  Bets could be made.

Suffice it to say that the chickens would eat nearly anything and of course liked pancake batter.

Chickens are not dainty.  Soon chickens and children were covered in pancake batter.  

The girls came in to ask permission to use the hose. This is because they were banned from hose use earlier this week for somehow removing the hose ends.  You know those permanently attached metal ends that screw onto the faucet? Yes, they pulled those off of two hoses.  How? They just fell off.  Ok, yeah, whatever.  No unsupervised hose use anymore.

So the girls needed to use the hose to bathe the chickens.  Right...chicken baths.  So they carefully cleaned off each chicken in the sandbox-turned-pool (with just water) and wrapped them in a towel and held them until they were dry, after which they moved on to their next victim.  I mean, next chicken.

Lest you think I'm kidding, photographic evidence:

Just another day of chicken love and child mayhem at our house.

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