Drugs, meds, pills...you know, the daily struggle

So I've been personally handing Stella her meds and making sure sure takes them each day. This helps in that at 3pm, I know that she's crazy despite her meds, not because she forgot them. Believe it or not, this is helpful to know.

Still, Stella doesn't actually want to take her meds before she takes them. You see, once they are in her system, she totally gets it and knows that they help her control herself and she can do what she wants not what her out of balance brain says to do despite what she actually wants to do. Did you follow that? Good.

But before she takes them, she's all, “wheeee, I want to be crazy Stella who is free and funny and says inappropriate things and runs around like a maniac. It's so fun!!!” I reminded her that she feels that way NOW but how will it feel in the afternoon when she wants to stop and can't. She agreed that was not fun at ALL. Then she said, “I need a pill that makes you want to take your pills.” Yeah, that makes sense...? Kind of like the going back in time paradox. You know when you go back in time to stop something from happening but by doing that you've destroyed your reason for having time traveled in the first place. Yes, it's like that. Even if that is more confusing then what Stella said in the first place.

Anyway, the appropriate answer is, “take your damn pills!”

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