How can it be that I have this strange and interesting life of mine and haven't posted anything amusing in a week? Have the children been ill? Or were we just too busy? Not so much.  Just not inspired to write, I guess.  I a bit of malaise creeping into my life.  Not sure what's up with that. The weather is behaving fairly well, I should be happy, dammit!

Well, since it's been a week, I'll give you a quick run down of what we did:

  • Last weekend - went to Colorado Springs for Brian to run the Pikes Peak Marathon.  Headed down Saturday afternoon and came back Sunday evening.  Did a bit of playing at the arcade in Manitou Springs and a quick trip through Garden of the Gods. Was nice to get away, even just overnight. 
  • Monday - work, lots of work.  Also working at the church rummage sale.  The children INSISTED we help at the rummage sale, despite the other work I had to do.  Sandis actually hid and cried when I told her I thought we might skip working at the rummage sale.  WTF, kid? You don't come and talk to me about it, you just run off and hide? I said that to her, in a much more nice and motherly way.  She's been moody and shit all week.  Damn hormones, I think. 
  • Tuesday - more work, more rummage sale. 
  •  Wednesday - back to school orientation day for the quasi-school.  Same quasi-school, new quasi-location.  It is really a pretty awful location.  The kids have 4 different buildings in which to have classes - one of which is a garage, another of which is in a bldg that should probably be condemned.  Also, PE and recess are in a parking lot.  Really? There isn't a better building choice in all of Loveland? Still, it's the teachers/classes that they like so I don't care too much about the location if they don't (and they don't.)
  • Wednesday night - Rummage sale SHOPPING! Best rummage sale in the land - it's like our church opens up a thrift store for 4 days.  A highly organized and erratically priced thrift store. Seriously,  I got a lunchbox similar to a Bento Box for $0.50 and saw a box of maybe 20 plain white pipe cleaners marked at $5. 
  • Thursday -  friends over for the kids then another trip to the rummage sale for jeans for Sandis.  Finally got the last of their school supplies for quasi-school.  I'm actually glad we get to school supply shop because that's something I always loved as a kid - all the brand spanking new supplies.  Still, running around to multiple stores to find GEL glue andnootherkindofglue is a huge pain in the ass.  As is looking for 1/4" binders.  I did ask the teacher about those and she said 1/2" would be fine.  Thank goodness.  Do they even make 1/4" binders? Probably they do, and then they'd cost 10x the price of a 1" one.  Especially when you can get the 1" ones at thrift stores for like $1.
  • Friday -  Buckhorn work.  In the home stretch for Buckhorn, only 3 weeks left and the room rosters are turned in.  Picked up a wooden dollhouse off of Craig's list to make a haunted dollhouse (my newest endeavor - more on that later, with pictures :) 
  • Friday night - ended the day at CSU's Shakespeare at Sunset - a vaudevillian production of a Comedy of Errors.  Well done and highly entertaining! Got to see April & family, and Ryan, who was the pianist for the show.  Of course, moody girl was being annoying at our picnic dinner and then refused to sit within three seats of her sister at the play (even if someone was between her and her sister, she needed EMPTY seats too.)  Damn not quite teenager who are really only 10 and shouldn't be this moody yet!!! 
  • Saturday morning - kids and Brian went to the Healthy Kids run.  I started cleaning the girls' room.  What a horrible job that is! Gave up after a couple hours and will go back another day.  Went w/Brian out and got Stella some of the most horrible shoes ever made, toe shoes.  As if flip flops aren't bad enough with their one thing between your toes, this has something between each. and. every. toe.  Nasty.  Makes my toes curl up just thinking about it.  And they are expensive. But the girl does run funny in shoes.  She reminds me of Hank Azaria's character in The Birdcage, "shoes make me fall down."  Sandis was practicing for teenagedom and refused to go to the store with us, being all broody about it.  Whatever.  
  • Saturday afternoon - Came home and took a nap.  Then we all went grocery shopping.  When we got home I cleaned up the dollhouse and resealed the joints and wobbly bits with glue.  Hoping to start painting tomorrow.  Brian made dinner, which was interesting since the oven decided not to heat up - only the broiler would work. Fuck.  I just replaced the heating element last fall.  If the oven is broken, we may be learning to cook using only the stove top, microwave and crock pot as we certainly can't afford a new oven at the moment!
Upcoming: Church's Startup Breakfast, making eye appts, soccer starting up again, schoolwork for the kids and work for me, woohoo! Let's hope those kids do something funny soon because this is a boring way to run a blog, lol!

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