Whiny...It's me for a change

Picture of viruses - I'm guessing mine is the pointy-stabby bitch

Yes it's ME who is whiny, not the kids.  Well, they are too.  Because they are kids.  They are always whiny at some point during the day.  But enough about them, this is about me being whiny.

I'm sick.  Sure, it's just a cold.  A nasty head cold with an explodeyourhead headache, slime, raging sore throat and sotiredandachy body.  It sucks.  I tried to pass it off as allergies which worked for a limited time.  You see the symptoms are quite similar.  And I do have allergies, and they suck too.  But it's gotten too bad to blame on weeds and such.  Weeds don't put me to bed before 10pm.  Pollens don't ravage my throat.  Dammit germs! <shakes fist>

I hate being sick.  I don't like having to lie about.  Seriously, I want to choose to lie about, not be forced to lie about! I have to lie there in spite of all the things I should be doing for it to be meaningful.  This tired, achy mustliedown thing needs to GO!

And then there's the fact that I know the kids will get it.  Pretty much inevitable since both their parents are sick.  Then I'll have to take care of them and be trapped in my house right when I start feeling better.  So not fair. 

Plus right NOW they run around like not-sick maniacs creating chaos and mess in their wake while their father and I weakly admonish them to clean up after themselves.  I can almost hear their mental laughing at our queries.  Once I'm better, the amount of work I'll have to do will make me lie on the couch in earnest.

This is my pity party and I'll cry if I want to, so there!

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