I won a pig!

Since Stella was away with her father camping this last weekend, and therefore new blog material from her is delayed, here's a story from her from the 4th of July.  It's much like yesterday in that it involved pigs and fireworks.  Well, except yesterday there were pigs and no fireworks (for unknown reasons, the fireworks were canceled) and back then there were fireworks and no actual pigs.  Still, it's exactly the same (or not)!

It is pure Stella, so you'll love it ;)


After a day that included watching a baseball game in103 degree temperatures with 90+% humidity and driving 90 minutes each way to said baseball game, we went to a park to watch fireworks. It was still about a thousand degrees with 800% humidity at 9pm. There were crowds, cigarette smoke, drunk people, a horrific band playing...basically everything you come to expect from a small town 4th of July celebration. I did not want to be there.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the fireworks. As a child, worrying would begin on July 5th as to whether or not it would rain on next year's 4th celebration. Really. True story. I actually did that. every. year. Still, as an adult, my tastes are more refined and 20 minutes of so-so fireworks in the heat and crowds doesn't do it for me much. I had changed clothes before heading back out into the blast furnace but after 10 seconds outside I was all sweaty and sticky again. Yuck.

Still, it had to be endured for the children to see the annual pretty-sparks-in-the-sky affair and for me to see them seeing the pretty-sparks-in-the-sky affair. I love seeing my kids experience this stuff. It means so much more to me than my own experience of it. I guess that's what you call growing up. Or parenthood.

We arrived at the park and it was $2/person for admission which included a raffle ticket. If you win, it's $1000. Grandma paid and then filled out the tickets, one for each of us. Stella, entering into her evening manic phase, started thinking. The thinking spewed out of her mouth something like this:

Stella: If I win the thousand dollars, I'm going to get a pig. And it will live with us and I'll have my very own pet pig and it will go everywhere with me. It will sleep in my bed. In the morning, I will make it Nutella toast!

Me: What if Nutella toast isn't healthy for pigs?

Stella: Pigs eat everything, they are omnivores. But that would just be for a treat, usually it will eat pig toast. And I'll teach it to use the bathroom too. And it will have its own pig toilet. And I'll teach it to fetch.

Brian: grumble, grumble, better win $200,000 for the house you will live in with your pig because it won't be in MY house.

Stella: spewing statements of pig love and bliss totally oblivious to the probability of actually winning. This continued for at least an hour when we finally sent her to bed where she fell asleep in approximately 3.2 seconds.

The next morning Stella says, “I don't know what I was thinking last night. Teaching a pig to fetch, that's crazy!”

Yeah, that's the crazy part.

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