Dog puke and chicken shit kind of morning

Yes, the dog puked not once but twice this morning.  Brian got the honors of the first clean up.

Stella took forever to get ready, as usual, but was finally dressed when she disappeared.  As I searched the house for her, she came in from outside, chicken crap all down her shirt and skirt.  Couldn't just be one or the other article of clothing.  Oh no.  And why, WHY, did she have to go outside and pick up the chickens when she was already late for quasi-school?

Finding new clothes is not as easy as just finding another clean outfit.  No, you must have a skirt.  Not that skirt, a twirly skirt, mo-ther.

At last, two kids in the car, reasonably dressed and, as far as I knew, no more messes to clean up.  Stella breaks a thread in her new mittens I knit her (how the heck did she do that!) and they need to be fixed.  She got a hole in her new stuffed pig she got yesterday.  Sandis has a hole in her new toy seal from Tuesday.  Mommy, mommy, mommy, when are you going to fix them.  Today? Tonight?

They are gone to quasi-school and can place no more demands, can create no more messes, cause no more chaos, for me anyway, at the moment. 

Here at home, no more dog puke was seen, hallelujah!

Things are looking up already.

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