Stella is nine years old today. NINE!

Nine short years ago, I was:
  1. relieved to be done with labor
  2. not at all tired
  3. knowing I'd be paying later for that, "I'm so awake!" feeling
  4. watching my toddler give her baby sister toys, not believing how her parents could have neglected this important part of having a child
  5. smelling that new baby smell (which is good, unlike new car smell which is hideous)
  6. realizing again how tiny they are when they first are born
  7. learning how to breast feed two.  At the same time.
  8. putting teeny, tiny newborn prefolds on my teeny, tiny baby, and realizing the newborn size were big on her
  9. starring my TWO children in amazement

Over the last nine years, I've gotten to know that wee person.  Here are some things I've learned about her:
  1. She loves to share, if you ask.  If you take, you have a tiger by the tail.
  2. She loves all animals from the tiny aphid to the giant whale.  The squeals when she sees spider are the same as for a puppy.
  3. She walks the walk, her love for animals has led her to become vegetarian.
  4. If you think there are two ways to do something, she'll show you a third option.
  5. Sitting still is over-rated, even for eating. 
  6. Everything should be fair.  Everything.  
  7. She has never been a morning person.  Not even when she was baby.
  8. She will do whatever it takes to learn something she wants to learn.  It may frustrate and annoy her (and therefore, you) but she WILL learn what she wants to learn.
  9. She is the absolute best source of blog fodder ever born!

Stella, my beautiful girl.  I love you more than life itself.  I have no doubt that you can accomplish anything you want in life. 

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