The very, very good, very, very bad Saturday


Have you ever had one of those days that starts out so well and then for no reason goes south? And you've no idea why you are so irrationally angry? No? Just me? Figures.

Anyway, it started out well because I slept really, really late. I love that. After getting up, breakfast was made for me. Then I sorted through the rest of the kids' clothes. They now each have one neat basket of folded, clean clothing. Our laundry room looks like much less of a disaster. The two gigantic bags have been passed on to another family who can use some and pass on the rest.

The family worked together and got the house reasonably clean for the weekend sleepover for Stella's birthday. The girls only lost two days of computer privileges during the cleaning process (for sneaking back to their computers to play when they were supposed to be cleaning.) Not too bad.

Stella's first friend arrived and friend #2 was on the way. She was happy (and a bit crazy.)

Her sister, even though she was totally included in the games, became surly. I asked her to get ready and we could go look for shoes for her holiday outfit and the fun began. A full scale crying, wailing tantrum over not having ANY socks. Probably because we never give our children socks. We make them steal them from other people when they see them lying about unguarded at parks and swimming pools.

Or maybe, she just had to go to the laundry room and get some.

Oh, yeah, that second one.

Then her boots don't fit. They are too tight. The boots we bought maybe a month ago. And they were too big then. And she doesn't have any other shoes. Right. Finally, after threatening to leave without her, she got in the car with me and cried only most of the way to Loveland.

Got to the grocery store after dropping off spare clothing and went to the shoe department to check for holiday shoes. Well, Sandis doesn't like these or those or any other shoes that exist unless they are 1) blue and 2) meet some unknown criteria in her head. Sandis has this thing she does where she screws up her face, turns partially away while flailing her hands and making vaguely grunty noises of displeasure. She was doing that. A lot.

I decided we were DONE in the shoes and moved to the grocery list.

Can't find curry powder. Not sure where coconut milk is at this store (it's different at each store, even if they are the same chain!) Called Brian and found the milk, not the curry. Moved on to trying to find canned roasted tomatoes. Looked through all the Mexican food and all the canned tomatoes. Twice. Tried calling home again. The phone was answered and I could hear little girl voices in the background but then was disconnected. Tried again. Same thing.

Now I'm angry and annoyed. And I realize, on top of all this aggravation, I haven't taken my meds. Fuck. That means that my irrational anger isn't going to dissipate. I say "irrational" because it is totally out of proportion to the situation and it doesn't abate. After yelling, taking my meds, spending a good half an hour with no annoyances and writing all this, I am just now starting to feel better. Starting.  And any little thing is likely to set me off again.

And that is how a day can start well and go to hell. Too many little annoyances build up and then I explode. Except usually I have medication so I don't explode - they make people like my friend Deanna think I'm the calmest person on earth. I'm not, I just hide it well. Usually.

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