Ketchup time! I mean, catch up. Right, catch up time.

It's been a busy week.  The first without a birthday or holiday in almost a month.  Fear not, we have one again next week! The cake never ends at the Walter household.

So, this week we:
  • finished the advent calendar.  We had to paint it.  Paint it again.  Put it together, with a mallet.  Get paper to glue around the 24 little flattened boxes that we had to assemble.  Assemble and glue the boxes.  Punch out the numbers.  Glue them on paper.  Cut out the paper around them.  Glue them onto the tiny now-assembled boxes.  When it's all together, complete with activities & candy, I'll post a picture.  As a side note: I'm not happy with the paper selection at Joann's, Micheal's or the LSS (local scrap store.)  Yes, acquiring the paper was not an easy task.
  • picked up chicken food
  • cleaned up lots of dog pee (Tonks had a morning, let's just say)
  • kids' therapy appt
  • kids' therapy group
  • dissected a fish
  • worked
  • taught OWL
  • Stella's pony lesson
  • craft co-op
  • sewing/treat making for 4H party
  • got gifts for secret Santa at aforementioned 4H party
  • vet appointment

I think that's all.  Oh yeah, we did some schoolwork too.  And quasi-school.  Usually I count quasi-school as a break, but this week I had to take in my computer for Sandis' presentation AND had to dissect a fish for their class so it doesn't count as a day off.  Next week I have to bring my computer AGAIN (she only got through 1/2 her report before class was done) and I have to help with making fish prints.  Sounds....great?

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