Marked by the beast

I worked on cleaning the girls' bedroom today.  They have so much crap, so many toys, so many is just an evil, thankless task.  To prove the evil of it all, behold, I ended up with the number of The Beast.

Bags of toys for donating, plus some other odds & ends. Not little bags either, tall kitchen trash bag size bags. And it was not without tears. Sandis was practically hysterical at the thought of giving up ANY of her stuffed animals.
Bags of trash. Yes, trash. How can they accumulate so much trash?!
Hours of work. Yes, I spent six long, hard hours working in their room. And I'm not. done. yet.

So yes, the number of The Beast appeared proving that my children and their room is EVIL.  I hope I don't have another 6-6-6 day tomorrow.  One of those is enough!


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