Back from Moab

We are back home from our quick trip to Moab (left Friday, back Sunday.)  Lots to say but I'm too tired.  Here are a couple highlights that you should look for in posts this week:

  • Stella's meds worked wonders on the drive.  Most pleasant car trip with the kids ever.  
  • I'm going to make a list of all the National/State parks I want to visit with my kids.  I've got about 8 yrs to accomplish it before Sandis departs.  Probably only about 2-4 yrs before she starts eyerolling at the very mention of a vacation with family so I'd better get crackin'!
  • We met up with our friends the Cobles and I have pics of their adorable kids :)
  •  Ice Castle! We stopped at the Ice Castle in Silverthorn on the way to Moab.
  • Brian ran a 55K faster than last year's time AND he was able to drive home.  Not bad.  
  • Girl Scouts, Girl Scouts.  I've spoken with the Junior leader and I think we have a plan worked out for next year for Brownies/Juniors.  

Ok, that might be more than a week's worth of writing considering I have to take the girls to a dog show in Denver tomorrow, two therapy sessions and a tax appt on Tuesday, Girl Scouts on Wednesday, NCHA meeting Thursday, swimming on Friday plus a birthday party sleepover on Friday/Saturday for Sandis.  Oh, and work in there somewhere, I imagine.  And unpacking, the worst.  And I know my addled brain is forgetting some other stuff I'm supposed to do.  So, look for it in the upcoming week(s).


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