Drugs on the road

Can I just say I love drugs? Seriously, our family's quality of life is so vastly improved by pharmaceuticals.  It is amazing.

So, we went to Moab and the car trip was so nice! There was hardly any bickering at all - and it's a 7 hr trip one way. Stella said her anxiety med and Sandis' depression med made it so they didn't fight.  She claimed she didn't even want to fight w/her sister.  She went on to say that her "sitting still" medicine made riding in the car so much easier.  I was glad to hear from her that the ADHD meds help.

Sandis has been so giggly in the last few days.  Yep, my daughter is back.  It took 3 days of medication and then BAM, they started working.  Same timeline as Stella.  Their play therapist was amazed and is reconsidering what she recommends to her clients based on what she's seen with my girls.

Today I worked.  When I work, I drive around and take pictures of houses for insurance companies.  For hours.  With kids in the car.  It's fun.  Yeah well, it's not terrible.  We listen to audio books, they do some fun workbook-y stuff.  And then after about 2.5 hrs, they are usually at each other's throats.  Today, we were out for 4 hours and not a single incident of screaming, beating on heads, stabbing with pens or anything of that nature.  (For the record, the kids to that to each other, it's not me stabbing them, though I will admit to screaming occasionally.)

Drugs.  I tell you, they are the BEST! I need to start a "just say YES!" campaign.


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