Hair dye :(

The kids have been wanting to dye their hair and since we had no plans for today, I gave in.  We started with the bleaching and it didn't go well.  The bleach was patchy.  Stella had decided to do her whole head and she looked brindle :(  Sandis and I each did a streak which was better but not perfect by any means.

So, off to the store for another, and different brand of, hair bleach.  Back home for a second round of bleaching.  It didn't help as much as I would have liked, but it did look better.  On to the coloring.

Mine was purple which turned out to look more blueish-gray.  Sandis turned out fairly well, a pretty teal color.  Stella's cotton candy pink was barely noticeable even in her bleached hair.  A lot of time and effort for mediocre results.

We did run to the mall and pick up some more pink, fuchsia this time, which we'll try on Stella tomorrow.  I told her I would NOT bleach her hair again. I have reservations about bleaching it in the first place, putting those nasty chemicals on my kids' heads, I'm not going to do it 3x in 2 days and totally fry her hair.  When I told her that, she assured me we would not fry her hair and that was just silly.  I had to explain that I didn't mean putting her hair in a hot pan of oil. Yes, that would be kind of silly, wouldn't it? Then again, who thought up bleaching your hair to white and adding pink/blue/purple?

On a better note, I did organize and clean the top of the fridge today.  I hate cleaning things in the kitchen - always so grimy with that dust/grease mix.  And we don't even fry things! Anyway, threw away some things, put the kid place mats into the give away pile.  Washed all the pot holders and tossed those that weren't all in one piece anymore.  Took all the tea out of the boxes and packed them into sandwich bags.  Those teas that didn't have identifiable bags, I cut the box tops off and put them in the bag too.  Two bins on clearance and we have a bin for lunchboxes, a bin for potholders and a smaller bin that we already had on hand for tea.  It's lovely to open the fridge and not fear a tea box falling on your head :)


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