Parks to visit

Going to visit the beauty that is our world makes me want to see more and more and MORE of it.  I keep thinking of all the parks and other places I want to visit, with my children, preferably.  Well, the children keep growing, despite my admonishments to STOP THAT RIGHT NOW.  (they claim they can't stop growing - pshaw, I say.)  So I need to get to some of these destinations soon, before they grow up and move away.  Or grow up, stay here and become snarky teenagers (as opposed to snarky 8-10 yr olds) who don't want to vacation with their parents.  Here are some of the places I'm hoping to get to see:

Grand Canyon
Oregon coast (tide pools)
Ozark National Scenic Riverways & Mark Twain National Forest
Mesa Verde
Chaco Canyon
Bryce Canyon
Glacier National Park

Washington DC (to see the Smithsonian)
San Diego, CA
Toronto, Canada


  • Anonymous | February 25, 2012 at 10:16 PM

    cool! some of those are on my someday list too! I really really really want to go to mesa verde this summer! i am hoping we can try to swing it! that is awesome you have such a great list put together! i hope you guys have some fun and happy traveling together!


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