Homeschooling in interesting places

Last night we went to the mall to get new, darker pink hair dye for Stella.  We had to walk through the majority of the mall to get to the hair dye store, aka Hot Tropic, because it's in the middle, interior portion.  Doing so we passed the calendar store which had a sign out front claiming 4 days left until they close for the year and 75% off all calendars.  I went in for ~$10 and picked up:

We will now be learning a new word and a history fact each day - ha, homeschooling without even trying!

BTW, Sandis pointed out that all of these calendars claim 365 items when in fact it should be 366 because of the leap year.  I wonder if they'll take Feb 29th off? Or if they just couldn't be bothered to change their cover design template other than to change 2011 to 2012?

As a side note, Stella is currently working on her math while sporting a plastic bag on her head under which is an entire bottle of fuchsia pink, bubble gum scented slime.  Let's hope it still looks pink when she washes it all off.


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