Sunday, again?!

Catch up time! It's been quite a mixed up week around here.

First of all, I was on the wrong day all week.  That makes for missing out on things, well, almost.  I *almost* missed girl scouts again.  How?  Well, it was Wednesday and I thought it was Tuesday, for one.  Also, the Juniors meet every other week rather than on the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month like the Brownies do.  Usually this is the same, but now it's not.  Ok.  Still, we made it, only about 10 minutes late - which was the same time several others arrived, some even came later, and the leader was still standing outside talking to the moms, so we were basically on time.  I'm calling it good.

What else...oh yeah, Stella's crazy breakdowns.  Well, they upped her Prozac dosage and told her to deal.  Basically, they said what we've heard before, she's old enough to deal with these situations and needs to work through them without me coming to the rescue.  She did just fine at church school today.  Gave me a big hug when I dropped her off, didn't ask me to stay (did, however, ask to stay w/me in church, which I declined.)  She looked a bit apprehensive when I picked her up, but overall seemed unscarred by the experience.  We'll see how quasi-school goes tomorrow.

The girls have been making Valentines all week.  Not that they are getting very many made, but they are able to spread the mess far and wide and spend a considerable amount of time doing it.  Then after all this time, money, effort and little output, they told me they were "bored" of making them and wanted to be done.  Um, no.  You must make one for each child at the party.  Seriously, it's only 15 each, they can do it.  Dorks.

Snow! Yes, winter has re-arrived in Colorado.  We had snow of some sort the last 4 days, which is just wonderful :)  I love winter, it is so beautiful.  The kids are thrilled to tromp through the snow each and every time the go to the car.  They go out sledding in our backyard every day (with talk of rebuilding the ramp, not sure how that's coming along.  It's all made of snow by them, so I'm not terribly worried.)  Our new dog is a crazy snow-lover too.  I laugh so hard watching her out the window jumping, twisting, snapping at and in the snow.

I had two, count 'em, two, nights out last week.  One was knitting night and the other was a Slumber Party (probably NSFW).  Both fun in completely different ways! 'Nuff said.

I've not done any new organizational projects this week.  Right now I need to do regular old house cleaning, blah! Really, I'd like to just take a nap.  I have taken a 1-2 hour nap several times in the last week and I think I'm getting too used to it.  It is really quite nice, though I should probably do things like clean up the house, or really, force my children to clean up their crap which would take care of 90% of the problem after which I could vacuum and be done.

One last thing, my husband needs his own Nook.  He is using mine on a fairly regular basis now.  Not that he wouldn't give it up to me if I asked, but we could each be using one simultaneously in bed at night rather than me having to wait for him to fall asleep to get mine back.  Yeah, it only takes him 10-20 minutes to fall asleep but in that time, I could be reading instead of playing Drop7 or cribbage or Rummikub on my iTouch.  We need to find a refurbished regular one (not color, like mine, he doesn't want that) so we can pick it up with some of his Xmas money (mine was birthday money :).  Sadly, all the refurbished ones got bought up before the holidays so we need to wait for some of those to break down before we can get one ;)


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