Cute Chicks

Once upon a time, we were contemplating getting chickens.  We were pouring over catalogs and websites.  Stella decided to Google "cute chicks."

She did not get what she expected. 

The outrage at being show pictures of people instead of baby chickens was flowing, as was the venom at the stupidity of the pictures.  "Who would ever sit on car in their underwear? That's stupid."


Today, dear readers, I will show you actual, real life cute chicks.  Ones that are fluffy.  And say, "peep!" And are totally occupying both my daughters which is both good, because they are out of my hair and yesterday they were a whiny mess, and bad, because they have clothes to fold and dishes to do.  Yeah, a mixed blessing, but a darn cute one.

Stella with unnamed Americana. UPDATE: Chick is now named Caramel.

Stella with a Silver Laced Wyandotte, possibly named Reptoslicer.

Sandis with Mr. Chicken, the other Wyandotte.  She has been told if it really does turn out to be a Mister, he will be relocated to Mr Raptor Center.

Two Wyandottes with the other Americana, JoJo.


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