Screaming like a rabid hyena on crack


Today was a day like any other.  I made the kids do some math, which went ok.  Well, there was push-back from a certain girl.  Stella was doing Teaching Textbooks math (it's on the computer.) She shrieked in her special girlwhoisveryannoyed voice, "I'M ONLY ON PROBLEM SIX?!" At that moment the computer quipped, "that's right." Laughter ensued and math was fun again.  For awhile anyway. 

Math did get completed more quickly and easily than normal because of the promise of a trip to the dog park.  You would think a trip to the dog park would be fun, easy, laid back, etc, etc.  Not so much.  More like:

Me: "Get your shoes and something to drink"
Sandis: move around the house not doing anything resembling getting shoes or drinks
Stella: "NO! I'm not doing that!"
Sandis: "Mommy, can we get one of those thrower things?"
Stella: "I get to use it first."
Sandis: "No, I do, and mommy, it has to be blue"
Stella: "No, anything BUT blue."
Sandis with leash in hand: "Mommy, can I get out the leash"
Tonks: jumps around like a maniac because of seeing leash
Stella: kicks sister for reasons unknown
Phone: ring! ring! don't I have have fucking perfect timing?

It was then that I shrieked like a rabid hyena on crack, ordered children and dog OUT of the house, answered the phone telling my mom (who was certainly not judging her heathen, homeschooled daughter's family) I'd call her back from the dog park, took a deep breath and headed out.

After that, things went much more smoothly! We got the ball throwing device with minimal sulking over colors.  The girls worked out a fair and equitable distribution of leash holding minutes.  Tonks and Sandis wore each other out throwing/chasing the ball.  We met many friendly pooches.  Stella only complained about the fairness of life for a short while.  The sun was warm but not hot. 

Overall, a good day.

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