Vajamas, yes, it's what you're thinking. Maybe.

Yes, I'm on Facebook and yes, I enjoy it.  Sometimes more than others.

Like today, for instance.  Today, I see an ad for Vajamas.

I'm not kidding, Vajamas are a real thing.

I thought that regular old pajamas adequately covered my vagina.  Apparently though, this is not about what they cover, it's about how soft they are.  Because, really when someone says "vagina" you think "amazingly soft, I should make clothes out of that!"

And what is the price of a pair of regular looking, boring black pajama pants that are as soft as a vagina? $85.  Yes, eighty-five dollars for the privilege of wearing ridiculously named pants that will only squick you out a little bit.  And they are already sold out!

I need to invent some quasi-disgustingly named product that people will buy for the sheer novelty of what it happens to be named.  What should it be? A pen with the word "is" on it for $20.  With an appropriately suggestive cap, of course.  Or cevical cap that's, well, a cap! Genius right? Uterus unitard?

Ok, I won't quit my day job.


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Fine print
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***   - totally NOT a coincidence
**** - your body won't care at all.  Thanks will not be forthcoming.


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